1. Seiko Day Date Stainless Steel Band # SGGA65P1 (Mens Watch) With Sapphire Crystal Glass
  2. 精工不锈钢系列蓝宝石水晶玻璃黑色表盘 SGGA65P1 男士手表

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    保修类型:1 年 保修
商品系列Seiko Stainless Steel
表面玻璃Sapphire Crystal Glass
日历类型日子 - 日期
保修类型1 年 保修
预计出货重量0.50 公斤
精工是著名日本钟表制造商,始创于1881年,公司原名为服部钟表店,1892年改名为精工舍,创始人是服部金太郎。 1924年,发表了第一只正式使用精工品牌的手表。 1967年瑞士发明石英表,1969年,精工表推出了世界上第一款商业化生产的指针式石英表──SEIKO ASTRON[35SQ]。
商品品牌:Seiko。商品系列:Seiko Stainless Steel。商品型号:SGGA65P1。表带材质:不锈钢。表带标准:男标准表带。表壳材质:不锈钢。表盘颜色:黑色。显示器类型:传统表。表面玻璃:Sapphire Crystal Glass。日历类型:日子 - 日期。保修类型:保修。
  1. 精工不锈钢系列蓝宝石水晶玻璃黑色表盘 SGGA65P1 男士手表
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这是一个100%正品保证, 全新的 Seiko 手表附原装表盒和原厂说明书。本公司经营所有Seiko 手表品牌都是由分销商和零售商授权有品牌授权证明。

这个 Seiko 表含有 1 年 保修
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I am writing to confirm that I have received the watch which I purchased from you, after FedEx mishandled the first shipment which never arrived. I am very satisfied with your prompt and proper follow-up with my request to resolve the problem and intend to do business with you again in the future. Thank you, by HH

Stunning watch and superb service from The watch arrived in an almost bomb-proof wrapping. They even gift wrapped it for me! I would definitely buy from again. by mscardina

Dear Sir/Madam, Received above watch this morning in very careful packaging, watch even better than expected. After being advised at all steps following my initial order and payment via Paypal only a few days ago, I received the Seiko in perfect order, beautifully gift wrapped and packaged – I am over the moon. What fantastic service – I will be recommending your company to any of my colleagues who are looking for great value and service. I often hear of people being dealt a ... (阅读更多) by Tony P

It is much more beautiful in person. I can't believe it. Thank you so much for everything. This has been a great experience. by Gabor T.

Good day. Just to let you that I received the Fedex package today @ 12:13pm. I didn't open it yet because I want to wait for the "Boss" to open it herself on Friday our anniversary day. Once again, we really appreciate your help & services and will definitely leave a 110% feedback on Amazon. If there's any problem or question about the watch after I opened the package, will let you. Otherwise, no news is good news. Hopefully it's not too difficult to shorten the length of the metal ban ... (阅读更多) by Edmund K.
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